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Login box for the Cougar Cloud

What is Cougar Cloud?

The Cougar Cloud is a dropbox-like system built in-house for hosting archives of data for SETV. Because of the partnership with the District Office and the SSDM team, we have allocated a dedicated pool of two terabytes of storage for the life of SSDM at Springfield. We have also collected whatever media we have of THON since 2013 and have made it available to the SSDM team accounts for use.

The feature set for this system is ever evolving. As new features are added, the list will be updated.

  • Email Client
  • File access - Backup, archives, sharing
  • Contacts storage
  • Calendars
  • Task cards
  • Web conferencing and chat
  • Diagrams
  • Notes
  • Gallery
  • Audio player
  • Video player

If you want to know more about the tech specs, read on here NextCloud, Archive/Nextcloud Server, Cougar Cloud Server

Accessing Cougar Cloud

To find the Cougar Cloud; go to

Sign in using your full email address.

On first sign in, you'll be presented with the Welcome to the Cougar Cloud screen

Welcome screen

Home Page

Once your account has been added to the SSDM group, you will see the THON folders for previous years and for your committees.

Checking E-Mail:

  1. Sign into Cougar Cloud with your email address
  2. Find and click the Envelope icon in the upper left next to the big S
  3. Wait for it to load messages


Setting up "new" users

Users option in Nextcloud

When someone signs in with their email for the first time, Cougar Cloud takes time to create the storage and set up the account. A group administrator (The Adviser, SETV staff and Technology leader) must put the person in the correct group before they can see their relevant SSDM folders.

  1. Sign into the Cougar Cloud
  2. Click your user icon in the upper right corner
  3. Select USERS

You will be taken to the User Management page for the Cougar Cloud

Users & Groups list
Dropdown menu for group membership

On the left side you will see a list of groups for which you are Admin of.

Here you find the user you'd like to join to a group, under the Group Membership dropdown you can select each group they should be a member of. Everyone should be a member of SSDM Members in order to see the THON 20## folders.

If someone is not seeing a folder they should, contact the SETV office to fix.