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cPanel Login Screen
This guide is for Staff Advisers and Student WebMaster, intended to demonstrate how to access cPanel Account Manager, create, update, or delete accounts.


1. The email system is generally secure, it uses basic encryption to verify logins and send mail. It does NOT send encrypted emails. DO NOT EMAIL VERY SENSITIVE INFORMATION SUCH AS CREDIT CARD NUMBERS.

2. The emails are stored on our server and are visible to top-level admins, DO NOT USE THIS EMAIL FOR ANYTHING OTHER THAN SSDM/THON RELATED WORK.

3. All emails are backed up to a remote server (as with the rest of the website data) on a regular basis. If emails are accidentally deleted they can be recovered. Contact the SETV office for more info

Accessing cPanel

cPanel is the Web-based user interface for the backend that controls the whole ssdmftk website. You can view files, accounts, DNS settings, etc. Generally, there will be no need to modify ANY of these advanced settings, so steer clear of them as it could have unintended consequences.
User Management icon is circled in red
  1. Access the cPanel from
  2. The username is ssdmftk; ask the SETV office for the current password
  3. Once signed in, click the User Management icon in the upper left corner

User Manager

This is a simple manager to control the accounts for Email and Cloud Access.

Every account created in this list automatically has access to the Cougar Cloud; e-mail is only available when enabled.

Create NEW User

Once in the User Management Screen:

  1. Click Add User
  2. Under Basic Information fill out the relevant details; leave the domain at; set the alternate email to the committee member's email,
  3. Security Info - Set the user's password - Set a password for the committee members, do not use the same password for all emails, and make sure they have 8 characters with upper/lower case.
  4. Under "Services" Enable Email and set quota to 250 MB.
  5. Click CREATE

Modify User (Update password and name)

Once in the User Management Screen:

Edit user.png
  1. Find the user

To DELETE the user, click DELETE, this will lock access, remove emails, and sever connection to the Cougar Cloud. This cannot be undone easily, so avoid this action unless absolutely sure it's what you want and have all the info you need backed up.